Light-Filled Sunrise Session | Virginia Beach Family Photographer

Gimme ALL the baby fever, ya'll. 

(Just kidding, honey. Ha!)

Do you recognize this little guy? Well, I captured his sweet newness about 8 months ago so I was absolutely giddy to see how much he has grown. I mean, the little firetruck on his jumper - I can't. handle. life. Check out his cozy newborn session HERE! #swoon

There is nothing sweeter and more hysterical than photographing babies when they are SO fascinated (and honestly, a bit confused) by the camera. Most of the time, they look at me like I'm either an A, bizarre alien or B, a lunatic with spinach in my teeth. And I can't blame them. Starting the morning off with a caffeinated, bubbly photographer isn't usually how one starts the day. I do apologize for my obnoxious baby cooing and blathering at sessions - but it woooorks! #sorrynotsorry 

This guy brought all the sugar, even if he woke his amazing parents up at 3:30 am the night before! You guys are rock stars. Parenting is NOT for the weak! Look at all this cuteness. It makes those early wake-up calls so worth it. 

A happy family is but an earlier Heaven...
— George Bernard Shaw

All the heart eyes for these three. And did you spy all those teeth popping through?! The cutest.

Morning sessions are a great option for babes under a year old. If your little one is in bed before 7 pm, (I've totally been there) an early slot might be for you right now. YOU know your child best and what works in this season of life.

As we approach Fall, that sunset time gets earlier and earlier, so it might not matter as much. But, it's always something to consider when planning for your family's session. Don't let this stage slip by without documenting all those leg rolls and drooly cuteness! You'll be so thankful to have these images in the years to come.