Sunset at Sandbridge | Virginia Beach Family Photographer

 I read somewhere recently that vacations with young kids can often feel like trying to brush your hair in the middle of a tornado. Bahahaha, there is some serious truth to this - right?!

We love our kids, but traveling with them is NOT for the weak. It takes careful planning, packing all.the.things and then some.more.things. Oftentimes, we feel like we need a vacation from our vacation! 

But, in all the chaos, there are beautiful moments. Memories made. Adventures experienced. It brings us closer together as a family and it's in those sweeter memories we can dwell on during the harder days. When I've had a particularly rough parenting day (or month) I'll find myself sifting through our family pictures. A mental shift happens when I look at them. It's a reminder - there is LOVE here. Deep, meaningful, gonna-burst-if-I-don't-squeeze-your-face kind of love. 

So, when families contact me during their Virginia Beach vacation, my heart just leaps. Yes! Yes to capturing memories during this sweet season. Yes to looking back and remembering the beautiful chaos of life. Absolutely, yes. 

I met this lovely family about an hour before sunset out at Sandbridge beach. We were pushing bed times with the littles, but they did amaaaaazing. There's something about the beach that perks kids up in the evening.

We watched the waves, twirled and watched the clouds turn pink...

“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.”
— Helen Keller

There are just a few slots left for September beach sessions. The weather is cooler and sunset is earlier for those kid bedtimes. Click the button below and let's chat! :)