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Golden Hour Mini Session | Virginia Beach Family Photographer

Ohmygoodness, what a beautiful Fall season of family sessions we had towards the end of 2018! I’m finally getting caught up on blogging more from October-November and I had to share this one.

This was my first time with this sweet family, and I was pretty obsessed with the kiddos hair! Check out that gorgeous red…wish I could bottle that color. We had a fun afternoon in Chesapeake and that golden Fall light was just perfection. Here are just a few favorites of our time together!

Gimme all the snuggle shots!

Such a blast - I love meeting new families! My Winter and Spring calendar is starting to fill up and I’d love to see you. Drop me a note here or email me at for best availability. :)

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Little Island Park Sunset | Virginia Beach Family Photographer

It’s that time of year! Beach sessions are wrapping up and pretty soon temps will be dropping here in Virginia Beach. It has been an incredible season of family, maternity and newborn sessions. We’ve made memories, played and laughed. It has been so good for my soul!

If you don’t want to miss out on 2019 beach session slots, sign up for the EAP family newsletter for first dibs! I only send out emails regarding availability, mini session signups aaaannd the occasional treat. :)

This seemed to be the year where the couples I photographed were very similar to me and my husband. I’ve captured two couples who were celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary. We just met that mark last June! I’ve worked with families that attend our church, are navy brats and are also obsessed with sloths. Clearly, we had a LOT to discuss, haha!

Here are just a few favorites from my night last week with the Finney family! How cute are these little girls?!

Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years.
— Simone Signoret

Brock Environmental Center Sunset Session | Virginia Beach Family Photographer

Many of you will recognize this sweet family, but if you're new around should know this is session number FIVE. I have watched them grow, have babies and chase toddlers. And now they are preparing to send their oldest daughter to Kindergarten this year. *sob*

Chris and Lacey are dear friends and it gives me to know my images are hanging in their house. It's been a year of change for them and I'm grateful these happy memories have been captured!

If you haven't had a chance to explore Brock Environmental Center, I highly recommend checking it out. The endless trails, wildlife and amazing sunset was the perfect setting for us!


Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.
— Michael J. Fox

These girls have the sweetest and silliest personalities! A perfect combination.

Just a reminder, weekend Fall dates are booking through November. Soon, I will email out details about Fall mini sessions to newsletter subscribers first. If you want to get on that list, sign up by clicking the link below! :)

Cozy Lifestyle Newborn Session | Norfolk Family Photographer

Have you ever been through a season of life full of total and complete change? Maybe it was a wedding, a cross country move, having twins or starting a job in a new town. Well, have you ever had two (or three!) major life changes happening simultaneously?

This sweet (and oh so brave family) just welcomed their second son AND they are preparing for a move in just a few short weeks. Can we just take a moment to applaud their total amazing-ness? In my opinion, that takes a lot of guts, grit and complete faith. 

When I arrived Saturday morning for their lifestyle newborn session, we'd had crazy thunderstorms the night before. When a loud clap of thunder woke me at 4am, I immediately thought of this family and their small kiddos. And even though I know not much sleep was had (because babies, toddlers and craaaazy storms) they all greeted me with a smile. And a dino roar or two - which you know I LOVED. :)

I was pretty obsessed with their cozy Norfolk condo. Since this was their first home together, it was bittersweet to capture them in the space. Nothing is quite like the home you bring your babies home to! I loved the window light, the fun details, and can we talk about the teal lampshades? You guys - TEAL is my love language. 

I can't. handle. the. cuteness.

 I literally wanted to squish his cheeks. Such a sweet big bro!

Giving older siblings special jobs during a session always works like gold. Just asking them to find a book or a special toy makes them feel apart of the process! This is an important time in their lives too - sharing the limelight ain't easy. ;) 

Making the decision to have a child - it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.
— Elizabeth Stone

His expression of pride here gives me ALL the Momma feels. So precious.

Because it's not a party without dinosaur puppets. Duh. 

These two boys are going to be besties, I can tell. Such a blessing! Loved my time with these four. Safe travels Springs family!


Are you expecting? Congratulations! Newborn sessions have always had my heart. I keep my schedule open to take on newborn sessions year-round and I would love to capture this time for your growing family. Drop me a note below! 

Norfolk Sunset Session | Hampton Roads Family Photographer

There's something so sweet and easy when photographing a family for the 2nd or 3rd time. The kids know me (or remember me within the first five minutes) and I get to see how much they've grown since our last session. This is particularly amazing after a newborn session and I witness how this little nugget of a baby has grown leaps and bounds! It's like a swift reminder of how incredibly fast that first year moves.

As soon as you get used to something, babies shift the ground beneath you again. Clothes are too small. Waking again at night. Crawling away during a diaper change. Throwing their food all over the floor. The list goes on. But wow, the gift of pictures is that we see how fast they are changing. No wonder it's constantly shifting! As exhausted parents, we hang on for the ride the best we can. The gifts we get in return? They are so, so sweet. 

Gifts like drooly smiles and ugga-mugga nose rubs. Unexpected neck hugs and sisters that are constantly smooching on each other. I can speak from experience, that looking back on these kind of images with my own girls - it's a gut check! And after I've cried into my coffee (or wine) I often stare at them in awe. They can now pump their legs hard on the swing. They can reach the top shelf. They can do it themselves.

"I got this, Mommy."

It's altogether wonderful and heart breaking. 

So, when I got to see these two sisters again, I had a similar gut check. They are in this sweet stage right now of just figuring it out. I loved watching them play, giggle and enjoy our night in Norfolk. I mean - who couldn't love these sweet faces?!

hampton roads family photographer
hampton roads family photographer
hampton roads family photographer
hampton roads family photographer
hampton roads family photographer
hampton roads family photographer
hampton roads family photographer
The most precious jewels you’ll ever wear around your neck are the arms of your children...
hampton roads family photographer
hampton roads family photographer
hampton roads family photographer
hampton roads family photographer
hampton roads family photographer

Gah, so much sweetness! 

Friends, I have a couple open Spring dates and Summer is filling fast. If you are wanting to book a weekend session, please contact me and we'll get your date scheduled! I would love to see your family :) Open nights are:

Saturday, May 13th

Saturday, June 3rd

Neon District| Norfolk Family Photographer

Norfolk Family Photographer

 Do you remember your best friend from preschool? Maybe you're still close or maybe you have no clue. I bet your parents remember. Ask them who you were closest to at 4, 5 or 6 years old. Maybe it will trigger a memory and you'll flashback to the scent of play-doh and finger paint. Preschoolers do friendship so well.

My girl Amelia has adored Wyatt since she was 4, and I have loved getting to know his family. They are so refreshing, kind and just plain hysterical. Amy and I have about 800 things in common (fellow Amazons unite!) and she has the sort of soul you just instantly bond with. Her and Jimmy are also high school sweethearts and have such a fun chemistry, I was cracking up laughing most of the night! When I asked Amy what she wanted the kids to look back and remember when they see these pictures one day, she said:

I want them to know that they were the most important thing. That we tried to have fun when they were young and that was the most important thing in life to us.

My Momma heart just loved this response so much. And when you watch them together, it's nothing but pure joy.

I was thrilled to head out to the Neon District in Norfolk. I knew this was the perfect backdrop for them. Colorful, vibrant and unique!


Snuggle party! ;)


Love it!



Such a fun night!

It's my hope in twenty years, these sweet kiddos will look at these images with full hearts. They are  adored and cherished like none other.