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My Word for 2018 | #MomLife | Hampton Roads Family Photographer

This will be my third year choosing a word for the year. Which is a reminder to me that focusing (and refocusing) on just one word is so empowering and helpful! 

In 2016, I chose Brave. For 2017,  I chose Intentional.

You can read more about them HERE

I'm seeing many of my goals from 2017 have shown up again for 2018. I think this is because many of them were big ideas, and ones that really need to be continually cultivated in my life. Like being present and intentional with my family time. That's something I will always put focus on - it's not something I can just put a pretty check mark beside. 

For 2018, I do have more specific goals. Ones that are measurable and trackable. I think that's where I've felt frustrated in the past. This year, I am jumping on the Powersheets bandwagon and I am SO excited! If you've never heard of Lara Casey, I would strongly suggest giving her a follow. I have been a fan since 2015, right after reading her book, Make It Happen. But for some reason or other, I hadn't jumped in with her goal setting program yet.

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Welp, after completing all my homework and getting my January tending list started - I am ready to rock my goals in 2018. I love the simplicity of the planner and how trackable and specific it allows you to get. AND the concept of slow progress - that we can change our goals with the seasons....gah, that is soooo me. I believe her one-year planners are sold out - but there are 6 month options still available.  I'm not getting paid for this, haha - I just really love it! :)

SO, now for my word...

For 2018, my word is Patient.

Patient: (adjective) able to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

Patient with myself and my slow progress.

Patient with other people. Especially those who might not think like me.

Patient with my family. They deserve my best and not the leftovers.

Patient with my health and self-care goals. Just keep doing the next right thing.

Patient in growing and managing this business of mine.

Patient in listening for God's voice amongst all the noise.


Have you chosen a word for 2018? I'd love to hear it! Come find me on Instagram or Facebook and share. Putting it out into the universe is a powerful step. :)