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'Quiet the Noise' Newsletter Series! | Limitless Motherhood


My ever insightful sister texted this to me yesterday…


…was anything ever more true?! If you just laughed or snorted or nodded your head, friend - you.are.not.alone.

It’s coming. The joy and excitement of the holidays! And yet, (uh oh, here comes the and yet) we are busier than ever during a season meant for slowing and savoring.

Let me start by saying I have zero intentions of adding more to your already fully loaded plate. Next week that plate will be loaded with Thanksgiving dinner yumminess, but will your head and heart match up with the spirit of the day? These are the things I ruminate over. I know, it’s weird.

But, here we are.

So, I’m creating a simple step for us. A way to limit all that noise, noise…noise!

And no, I’m not talking about little Cindy Lou making a racket down in WhoVille.

I’m talking about the noise from our newsfeeds, email accounts and piles of clutter. The holiday season can be so loud, and I don’t want that stealing my joy.

Because if we can limit just a fraction of the noise and stress coming at us, maybe we can find some space to breath. Just maybe there’s a bit of white space waiting for us to lean into. A pair of cozy slippers for our overwhelmed minds.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be sending out a short series of challenges in the Limitless Motherhood newsletter. These challenges are meant to give you one simple step to quieting the noise. This series will include 3 challenges, all sent out over the weeks leading up to Christmas. It’s my hope they will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to celebrate with intention!

Not on the list yet? Click below and join the newsletter so you don’t miss a thing!

The first challenge is coming tomorrow! Use the following hashtag over on instagram so I can find and cheer you on throughout the series this season!


I can’t wait for us to all find more white space this holiday season. Let’s end the year with purpose and a peaceful mind! Chat soon.



Fall Favorites! | #MomLife

1. Powersheets - If you’ve not heard of Lara Casey, please let me introduce you here! She is the creator of the highly successful and inspiring Powersheets line of planners. These are planners that help you achieve your daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals.

She preaches progress over perfection and I can certainly relate to that! I love the Tending Lists so I can see all my September goals at a glance. It sits with my daily planner on my desk and I can check in when I’m feeling a bit scattered. Even me, a B-Type personality who resists structure, THRIVES with this planner. She’ll be launching the 2019 line soon - so check it out!


2. The Enneagram - You guys, when I discover something this amazing - I.go.deep. I’m not sure where I heard about the Enneagram first, but I’ve always been a fan of personality assessments and profiles. There are 9 personality profiles and everyone falls into one number or ‘wings’ with other numbers. It’s fascinating! I am all about knowing myself better AND knowing more about the people in my life. The more we understand, the better and more purposely we can love others well.

Clearly, I’m super enthusiast about this topic. With that hint, can you guess my number?;) Curious? This is the link to the quiz I took: Explore Your Type.

3. Chili Recipes - We’re not big sports fans in my house, but we do love an excuse for warm and cozy food. I love trying a new chili recipe each Fall and tweaking favorites to make them even tastier. If you’ve been making the same recipe for years, consider adding different beans, spices, peppers, pumpkin or sweet potato. The options are endless and super yummy. If you have a go-to recipe, share it in the comments below!


4. Real Pumpkins - I know this one sounds strange, but after taking The Nester’s Fall course I am a changed woman. Instead of using all plastic or fabric pumpkins in our Fall decor, I’m on the lookout for real pumpkins instead. I’m looking for quirky, unique, statement pumpkins. If you’re out and see a good local spot with several - holler at me!

5. Cardigans - Honestly, these are a year round fav and I don’t even own many pullover sweaters. Cardigans are perfect for layering and I crave a variety this time of year. Even with my capsule wardrobe, these act as ‘extras’ so I’ll snag one or two new ones each Fall. Not sure what a capsule wardrobe is? I shared my experience about it on the blog, HERE!

What are you loving this Fall?! I’d love to know! Chat soon, friends.



5 Reasons to Love a Capsule Wardrobe | #MomLife | Hampton Roads Family Photographer

Okay, I know what you're thinking...

But before you roll your eyes at the term 'capsule wardrobe' - keep reading! ;)

I first learned about a capsule wardrobe in 2016 when I watched a TED talk by author, Jennifer Scott. If you haven't seen it, she discusses her process and what a capsule is. You can watch it HERE! As I often do, I stumbled down the rabbit hole of the internets and began reading whatever I could find about capsule wardrobes. 

capsule wardrobe - noun. a collection of clothes and accessories that includes only items considered essential

At the time, I had been working at home for several years and my 'nice teacher clothes' were still collecting dust in the closet. I had all those awkward in-between sized clothing from after pregnancies (Moms - you can relate, right?). I only wore about 10% of what I actually owned! Mount Washmore was growing higher and I was tired of digging through it to find that ONE t-shirt I wanted to wear. 

It was time for a change.

After several seasons of working and reworking my capsule wardrobe, I am so thankful I committed to it. I don't have a specific number of items I keep, but I do have only my favorites hanging in the closet. Off season items are packed away so I don't have to see them until the weather changes. It's like seeing old friends when I take out my Spring scarves after a long Winter of jeans and boots!


Here are 5 reasons to love a capsule wardrobe!

1. Cleaner closet and streamlined drawers. - If you're wanting to declutter, your closet is a great place to start! Connect with your inner Marie Kondo and find the joy. 

2. Always wearing favorites. - I don't have many days where I don't really love what I'm wearing. There's no filler outfits, so I feel confident in what I'm in! 

3. Way less laundry! - I mean, isn't this reason enough!? 

4. Investing in choice pieces. - Since I'm shopping less, I can save up and invest on better quality pieces. I find Winter pieces to be more of an investment, like heavy coats, wool sweaters and boots. It's my hope to purchase these items once and not have to replace them for several years. 

5. Saving time. - Imagine how much time you'll reclaim by not trying on five different outfits before your next date night! Moms struggle with decision fatigue already - make this part of your day simple.


I wear mostly blues, greys and stripes - I'm not the most exciting or a fashionista by any means. But, I'm okay with that.  :)

I'd love to know if you utilize a capsule wardrobe! Share your experience or tips in the comments.

Chat soon!