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Exploring Downtown Portsmouth's Historic District | Hampton Roads Maternity Photographer

When I discovered that soon-to-be new mom, Mollie, was a die hard Disney fan.... I knew she was a quality person. Hahaha! But really, these two are such a joy! They are new to the area after spending several years in sunny Florida. Both are patiently waiting on their first baby and I am so excited to capture this time for them! 

Mollie chose Downtown Portsmouth as the backdrop for her maternity session and we had fun exploring. I love that you can take a few steps and have a completely different pocket of light, buildings and atmosphere. We certainly had enough to choose from. I love when a couple is up for anything with their maternity session and let me experiment and try different locations. 

Soon, I'll be getting word that baby has arrived and we'll be scheduling their newborn session. I can't waaaait and I know they are SO ready to become parents! With their ease and obvious love for each other, they've got the tools needed for adjusting to life with a newborn. Having a sense of humor about life helps when you're sleep deprived! ;) 

Thank you Mollie and Colin for trusting me to tell your story! 

...until you have a baby, you don’t ever realize how much you were missing one.
— Jodi Piccoult



Olde Towne Portsmouth, Maternity | Hampton Roads Photographer

Hampton Roads Photographer

I can't believe it's been over two years since I photographed this amazing couple's engagement session. We spent a warm night down at the Virginia Beach oceanfront and some of those images are still my favorites!

As we walked around Olde Towne Portsmouth, we chatted about their trip to Europe. I am such a believer in traveling pre-kids (if you can!) to enjoy your time as a married couple. It bonds you deep when you adventure together and see the world. Of course, you can do these trips after kids and even with kids. But in some ways, it's never the same. It's important to invest in your marriage, no matter what stage of life you're in. Okay, that's my soapbox! (steps down)

I am counting down the weeks till I can photograph this new family of THREE!


I really loved exploring Portsmouth, it's a spot I might not have traveled to on my own. So many options, I love trying new locations and jazzing it up ;) *jazz hands*

If you are expecting a new addition in 2017, now is the perfect time to book! Consider booking a maternity + newborn bundle to capture each chapter of this new journey. I know my own girls love seeing pictures of when they were in my belly, it makes them feel deeply loved and appreciated. Kids notice these things, believe it or not! A maternity session says, "we loved you before we met you! we are so excited waiting for your arrival". I love that :)