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Little Island Park Sunset | Virginia Beach Family Photographer

It’s that time of year! Beach sessions are wrapping up and pretty soon temps will be dropping here in Virginia Beach. It has been an incredible season of family, maternity and newborn sessions. We’ve made memories, played and laughed. It has been so good for my soul!

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This seemed to be the year where the couples I photographed were very similar to me and my husband. I’ve captured two couples who were celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary. We just met that mark last June! I’ve worked with families that attend our church, are navy brats and are also obsessed with sloths. Clearly, we had a LOT to discuss, haha!

Here are just a few favorites from my night last week with the Finney family! How cute are these little girls?!

Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years.
— Simone Signoret

Virginia Beach Sunrise | Virginia Beach Family Photographer

No job is perfect, right? The only negative about being an outdoor, lifestyle family photographer is the weather! The forecast has been incredibly unpredictable in Hampton Roads this Summer. So many of my Virginia Beach oceanfront sessions have been rescheduled multiple times. 

My good friend and photography student, Jill, had been so patient with the endless rescheduling. Finally, we opted for a sunrise session to avoid evening thunderstorms and it was magical! Well worth the early alarm and afternoon nap to make it happen. ;) 

A great side effect? My husband loves when I work sunrise sessions because it means a Starbucks latte and chocolate croissant for him. His love language is baked goods, ha! 

Jill is an incredibly talented photographer and has an IG account over at Elodie Grace Photography - be sure to follow her there! She has mentored with me several times and assisted during some of my sessions. I love her patience with learning, eye for details and how she documents her daughter's childhood so beautifully. 

Here are just a few favorites from my morning with her sweet family!

We were together, I forget the rest.
— Walt Whitman

I'm all about splashing in the water at the end of a fun beach session! I love that Jill prioritized letting loose and connecting with her family. There is so much beauty in embracing the messy sometimes, right? 

Friends, my 2018 calendar is nearly full. If you have been wanting a session, please reach out soon! Also, if you want to lock in a 2019 date at 2018 pricing, now's the time. Drop me a line below and let's get you scheduled! :)



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Sunrise and Sandcastles | Virginia Beach Family Photographer

I photographed this sweet family last Fall and when Mom, Karen, reached out for a beach session, I was over the moon! Their son is and FULL of personality.

Little guy just turned two, and with an early bedtime, a sunset session felt like a reach. The solution? Sunrise! I mean, if we're all up early with little kids anyway - why not make it happen!? Some kids are just better in the early morning.. and honestly, I love it too.

Watching the sunrise and getting home before most of the world has even cracked their eyelids open is a pretty fantastic feeling. I know my non-morning friends are rolling their eyes, ha! But seriously, I'm an early morning convert in my mid-thirties. In fact, it's the ONLY way I'm getting 80% of my work done this Summer with both girls home. 

The sun chased us this morning and it was windy, but I am in smitten with the effect. Email me for a sunrise session if you've got the babes and toddlers who go to bed before the sun. Let me assure you... it's worth the extra cup of coffee. Look at this cutie!

To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow.
— Maya Angelou

Friends, my Fall calendar is starting to fill up! With school-age kiddos of my own now, my weekend availability is very limited. If you've been wanting a Fall 2018 session, NOW is the time to book for the best availability! 

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Golden Oceanfront Sunset | Virginia Beach Family Photographer

Oh, this family. Where do I even start? 

Such sweet friends that are moving -again- because that military life, ya'll. I could write about a zillion words on this fabulous crew, but instead - how about some fun, quick facts? ;)

1. Abigail and I are both ENFPs married to ISTJs. We laugh about this and swap hysterical stories all. the. time. These men are so very patient, ha!

2. I met her when we were both young, newly married English teachers back in 2006. :)

3. Watching our kids play together is probably one of the sweetest gifts of our friendship.

Aaaaand I'll stop here, because #feelings! 

We chased some gorgeous light this night in Virginia Beach and I am so in love with all of these images. They love these sweet kiddos so well, and it's always such a joy to watch each of their unique personalities shine. 

Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.
— Robert Browning

When was the last time you were photographed with your kids? Even if they have outgrown your lap, can I encourage you to get in front of the camera with them?

They deserve to see images of their Mom. They deserve to see your love for them pour out of a picture.

Friends, my Summer schedule is just about full! A handful of weeknight slots are available. 

EAP is booking into mid-October and I'm so thankful! If weekends are ideal for your family's schedule, please contact me soon and we'll get you on the calendar!



Sunset at Fort Story | Virginia Beach Family Photographer

There are no friendships quite like the ones that first-time mothers build over coffee, diaper changes and endless trips to library class. 

So. Many. Library classes.

But, back to Motherhood friendships. Grown up bonding can be challenging to say the least. Gone are the days where our cherished time was consumed with our social lives and it was effortless to create lasting connections. Those years have been replaced with our thirties and forties, when so many of us are devoted to building our families, careers and legacies. If you're anything like me, when you meet another Mom you absolutely adore (but you don't want to scare her) you want to ask her out on playdates for the sole reason of getting to know her better. The kids will be there, but it's time for us to hang out too.

For this natural extrovert, the first year of my oldest daughter's life was difficult and isolating to say the least. Without my mother's group (shoutout to for finding me 2010 Moms!) I would have easily been talking to myself (and inanimate objects) to an unhealthy level. In fact, I was to the point where I would talk to anybody who would listen.

Target cashier? Let's be pals.

Bank clerk? We're besties. 

Random stranger in the Kroger parking lot? Hey girl, heeeeey! 

Anna, was one of the awesome friends I made in the 2010 Moms playgroup. Back when we had one baby each, we'd take them down to the bay. We'd swap stories and marvel at the amount of sand two small toddlers could consume. It was a sweet season, and over the years we've kept in touch as the military has taken Anna's family far and wide. She now has FOUR beautiful children and is an absolute Mom-Boss. She handles her family, career, and personal goals with grace and I truly admire her. 

Her youngest is now six months old, so we marked the occasion with a fun family session at Fort Story! You can catch up on his sweet, lifestyle newborn session HERE! We had a beautiful sunset and so much fun exploring. A storm was rolling in towards the end of the night, but we finished up just in time.

Just a few (*cough* I mean a TON of) favorites...

You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.
— Desmond Tutu

I loved each unique personality of these kiddos. Each one is so special and together they are such a fun and spirited group!

Friends, my August and September calendars are nearly full! If you're craving a beachy sunset session, this is the time for it. :)

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Sunrise at Little Island Park | Virginia Beach Family Photographer

If you've been following EAP for some time now, you'll recognize these sweet faces! Every Summer, these dear friends of mine book a session when they are vacationing in Virginia Beach with family. It's become a tradition and I'm always so humbled and blessed by them. Watching their family grow has been such a gift. You can see a flashback here and see how these munchkins have grown! 

This year, we opted for a sunrise session at Little Island Park. This is a great option for younger kiddos who can't hang past 8pm for a sunset session. It was lightly overcast and nearly empty at the beach. Another plus when opting for an earlier session. Just a few favorites from our time together! I just love them... 

If you want to know how much I love you, count all the waves in the sea...

If you're worried that your kiddos are extra clingy during a session... please don't stress. Sometimes the only solo shots we get of toddlers and babies are in their parents' arms. I honestly love this. There's so much emotion and connection that we can capture. Embrace this season and whatever mood your child is in - it's worth it!

Friends, I am currently booking sessions into September. If you are wanting a beach session, consider a morning slot! Email me to start planning. Happy Summer! xoxo 

Sunset at 80th Street | Virginia Beach Family Photographer

Let me tell you, this family gives me all-the-feels. Here's why.

Back in 2012, I had a little fledgling idea of starting a photography business. But like with any big dreams, doubts always peck at the side of your brain. I thought:

  • Would anyone even want me to take their picture?
  • What if NO families book me?
  • Maybe I should just keep portfolio building...forever.
  • What if they're not my kind of people?
  • My equipment isn't the fanciest - so this could never work.

And on and on my brain would spin. It happens. If you're a creative entrepreneur or just an over-thinker by nature - I know you feel me here! 

But the Universe wasn't about to let me struggle along without giving me a lift. Through some sort of divine intervention, the Castin family found me. They took a risk (sight unseen) on me. They are and will be forever be "my first family". I LOVED our session. The kids were much smaller then, and I knew instantly - this was my jam. Fun and spirited kids, laid-back parents and a beautiful sunset. Now my only thought was, "how can I do this like 100 more times!?" LOL!

  I'm so grateful for their friendship and loyalty over the years! It means the absolute world to me. I am sad they will be leaving the country for a few years, but I'm deeply thankful for their service to our country. Hoping to catch up on the other side and see how the kids have grown even more!

Happy Adventuring and 'See you later' Castin Fam! xoxo 

virginia beach family photographer

I love the beach access at 80th Street, it doesn't even feel like Virginia Beach. So lush and green right now, it's a great place to start when the sun is still higher in the sky.

virginia beach family photographer
virginia beach family photographer

Me: Just walk towards me and act natural!

Little Brother: Um, ok.

Hahahaha, he's just the cutest thing!

virginia beach family photographer

The light peaking over the dunes... just my favorite thing.

virginia beach family photographer
virginia beach family photographer
virginia beach family photographer
virginia beach family photographer
virginia beach family photographer

She got him with the smooch!! LOL! He loved it :)

virginia beach family photographer

Running to the next adventure...

virginia beach family photographer
virginia beach family photographer
virginia beach family photographer
virginia beach family photographer

Friends, my Summer calendar is filling quickly. I love my people and I want to serve you well! If you've been dreaming of a Summer session, please contact me soon so we can get your date on the books. Drop me a line below and let's get started! xoxo

McDonald Family | Virginia Beach Family Photographer

Virginia Beach Family Photographer

Three moments that made me realize I've "Made It" in family photography:

  1. When going to "work" means getting to hang out with friends and play with their sweet kiddos.
  2. I've photographed bellies, babies, siblings and then bellies again.
  3. There is an ease and familiarity at each photo session. Even with new families.

Now, this is, of course, MY own personal definition of success. And this is just a short list. But after nearly 3 1/2 years in this business, I've noticed a rhythm in the past six months that is so, so sweet. It makes my heart happy to revisit families time and again, and I never tire of admiring how their kids have grown. How they've matured or blossomed as a family. How they struggle to contain the madness of their toddlers, while still embracing the chaos with that sweet abandon that only parents have for their children. It's beautiful to observe. And even sweeter to document.

This time of year is busy, for everyone. Kids get sick, holidays are fast approaching, stress can ensue.

Making the time for pictures is a choice you will never look back and regret.

I adore the McDonald family, it's always such a joy to photograph them. This year, we switched it up and instead of the beach, we headed over to Stumpy Lake in Virginia Beach. This is my favorite spot this time of year. The sunset is just perfection. Here are some favorites!


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I would love to see you in 2017! :)